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Advanced Midget Training 2018

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LP Hockey is returning a program introduced last summer targeting midget aged players in the birthyears 2003 through 2000.  The camp is Advanced Midget Training and is recommended for serious players whose goal is to play college hockey.  This is not a recreational camp for the player who is not committed to being the best he can be.  If you are not serious about putting in the time, effort, and commitment that is necessary for success, this is NOT the camp for you.  However, for the players who are serious I promise that you will be challenged every day both on and off the ice.  You are going to be provided the blueprint that can steer you toward success.  Your effort will not guarantee an opportunity in junior and college hockey, but your lack of effort will most definitely eliminate any potential future opportunity.  Get yourself in and get committed, or fall behind and be forgotten!


The Camp’s purpose is very simple…we are going to push you harder than you have very been pushed, demand your best effort, and provide on and off ice instruction that happens on a daily basis at the levels you aspire to play at.  This will include the following:

  • Educating players on what it takes in midget hockey to get noticed by junior teams
  • Educating players on what it takes in junior hockey to get noticed by college teams
  • What to expect in the junior hockey experience
  • How you need to train off the ice to prepare for both junior and college hockey
  • Understanding the overall commitment that will be required to be successful in this pursuit 


I have been involved in advanced levels of hockey for 40 years dating back to my freshman year of college hockey at Ferris State University in 1977.  After graduating from Ferris in 1981 I began a 15 year Division I college coaching career that included stops at Ferris State, Illinois-Chicago, and the University of Michigan.  This also included 6 years as a Division I head coach at UIC.  During that time I scouted and recruited players from every junior league in Canada and the United States.  These players went on to be successful college players and included All-Americans, league All Stars, Rookies of the Year, League MVPs, NHL All-Rookie team selections, and Stanley Cup winners.  I visited every province in Canada and every hockey playing State in the US to recruit players.  I met every junior coach as well in all of these areas.  I knew what I was looking for in the players I recruited, I knew what it took for them to succeed, and did a very good job of identifying and selecting the right kids that would go on to be very successful.  The recipe for success today is no different now than it was 30 years ago.

Directing this Camp with me will be my son Vince Pedrie who is completing his first year as a pro under contract NHL’s New York Rangers and playing for the Ranger’s top affiliate, the Hartford Wolf pack in the AHL. 

Prior to turning professional, Vince enjoyed great success in 2 years at Penn State from 2015-2017.  When Vince turned pro last March at the age of 23 he was definitely considered a “late bloomer”.  Before Penn State Vince endured many challenges and setbacks while playing 4 years of junior in the USHL.  These setbacks included being a repeated healthy scratch as a USHL rookie, getting traded twice, suffering a season-ending injury and watching his team go on to win the Championship and then having the team fold three days after winning the Championship, and being dispersed to an expansion team in Vince’s last year in the USHL.  If not for Vince’s continued focus, determination, and commitment, his career would have been over long ago.  Based on Vince’s experience in both junior and college, and the highs and lows that he has lived, he is in a perfect position to advise and assist in the development of young players that look to mirror his path.

With my extended experience, and Vince’s current experience, we will be able to provide a clear path to achieving success at the junior and college level.


This will be a 5 week program that includes both on and off ice instruction.  Each workout off the ice and practice on the ice will be specific to the needs of midget aged players who want to move on to junior and college.  You will receive daily feedback on the ice and in the weight room.   You will be provided a clear blueprint steering you toward the success you desire.

  • We will be on the ice and in the weight room 3 days per week for 5 weeks.   By holding this camp beginning in early June we are providing the opportunity for players to start their summer on the right note and carry it through the entire summer.  The camp will be limited to 31 players including goalies, defensemen, and forwards.  Players will be accepted on a first come/first apply basis with the assumption you have the playing background required. 

The daily camp schedule will be as follows :

June 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, July 2, 3, 10, 11, 12

ON ICE 10:20-11:20

OFF ICE 11:45-12:45

  • All of the in-ice training will be conducted by Larry and Vince Pedrie.
  • All off-ice training will be conducted by Matt Astoff.  Matt just completed his first year as the strength and conditioning coach for Team Illinois and was Vince’s personal trainer last year as Vince prepared for his first NHL training camp.
  • COST/REGISTRATION:  The cost for the camp will be $650.  This includes all on-ice and off-ice training.  This is the same cost as last year and we have added two extra sessions to this year’s program.
  • Registration may be done by completing the form below, or online at  Online registration is not yet live but will be in the next few days.

Larry Pedrie PO Box 9744 Naperville, IL 60567


Questions can be directed to:

Larry Pedrie


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