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Battle Camp 2018


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Battle Camp

This summer LP Hockey will be returning the very popular “Battle Camp” for its 6th season.

The purpose of the Battle Camp is to expose, teach, and drill one of the most critical parts of the game of hockey….the ability to successfully battle in all areas of the ice.

Many elements go into the skills and characteristics of the game’s best players; one of those characteristics is the ability to battle and win a majority of your battles.  Success in battles comes from physical strength, mental strength, and simple techniques and tactics that any player can learn, acquire, and use every time he is on the ice.  It is these battle techniques and tactics that I will teach and drill in this Camp.  I will also encourage and foster a mentality to improve the mental toughness of every player.

At all levels of hockey, in every game played, there are battles and puck races that occur over and over.  As players get older, and the overall skill level begins to even itself out, these repeated battles and puck races become more frequent and begin to take on a greater and greater importance.

As young players grow and get physically bigger, open ice decreases, the time to make decisions shrinks, and there is more traffic and confrontation up and down the ice.  If young players are not capable of playing in traffic, winning puck races, and winning puck battles, their overall effectiveness is greatly reduced.  It is not a coincidence when certain players “seem” to have the puck more often than others.  Players that “seem” to have the puck a lot have it because they go and get it!  These players have the ability to pursue and successfully battle for pucks, and that is an extremely valuable attribute that will greatly enhance the performance and success for any player.

The ability for any player to successfully battle for and win pucks cannot be overvalued.  All great players have this attribute and for some it is the one attribute that repeatedly elevates them above more skilled players.  Please view the link below and hear the remarks from renowned NHL coach Mike Babcock on the importance of winning a battle.

In Battle Camp 2018 I will teach battle skills and use a variety of drills to help all players become improved battlers!  In addition to the skills that will be taught, and the confrontation that will be drilled, the mindset that goes part and parcel with battle skills will be fostered and promoted and will be underscored as a critical part of this skill.


Drills of Battle Camp 2018

1 on 1:   corner     short race net front angling/forecheck zone control/puck protection

2 on 2:   corner     tight space net front

Camp Format

In the Battle Camp players will be matched with and against each other based on common size, age, and experience.  The Camp is open to all birth years.  All players will receive on ice instruction.

Camp Schedule

 Seven Bridges Ice Arena, July 16-20, 2018 On Ice 10:20-11:20M

The cost for the Battle Camp is $250.

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