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Camp Schedule



7 Bridges Ice Arena, Sunday, July 28-Thursday, August 1, 2019

Just Defenseman Camp Director Larry Pedrie is a former defenseman and played this position his entire career. Larry’s 30+ years of playing and coaching experience gives him the unique background, qualities, and understanding necessary to teach the fine points of the most difficult position in hockey.

This camp will focus on teaching both the skill sets necessary for defenseman development as well as the positional play required for defenseman.

Why are good defensemen so hard to find?

Good defensemen can be difficult to find because not many coaches truly understand how to teach the position, and young players are challenged to find proper instruction.

What are the characteristics of a good defenseman?

Good defensemen simplified are mobile on their feet, very good 1 on 1 players, and very effective at making the first pass to get their team moving up the ice.

Why are good defenseman so valuable to their team?

The value of a good defenseman cannot be emphasized enough. They are their team’s first line of defense and the beginning of their team’s offense. They play a critical role in helping keep pucks out of their own net. They also serve as a “quarterback”, as they are typically responsible for making that first good pass to get their team out of their zone and moving up the ice.

What skills typify a good defenseman?

Strong defensemen skill traits include strong passing skills, the ability to handle the puck in tight spaces, the ability to use their stick effectively when not possessing the puck, and strong forward and skating backward skills.

What concepts must a defenseman learn to be effective?

Strong defensemen concepts include the ability to evaluate the entire ice surface from both a defensive and offensive standpoint, being able to handle the puck well under pressure in critical areas of the ice, how to create/control proper gap control, how to read a rush, how to defend a one-on-one in all areas, and to know when to add and join offense at the appropriate time.

Camp Focus/Skills…. Camp Focus/Concepts….

Forward Skating agility, quickness, and speed. Transitioning the puck from defense to offense

Backward Skating agility, quickness, and speed How to play along the boards

Passing/Shooting/Puckhandling How to create/control a proper gap

How to positionally defend all rushes


Benefits of this Camp

All defensemen at the youth level need to improve in some, if not most areas of their game. It’s likely a young player has not received specific defenseman positional instruction in many of the areas that are necessary for understanding the position. The many skills and concepts that playing defense requires are what make it such a challenging, unique, difficult, and fun position to play. This Camp will provide the instruction for defensemen that too often goes overlooked throughout the course of a normal season.

Camp Format

The Camp will be structured so all players will be matched with and against each other based on common size, age, and experience. All skaters will receive an off ice lecture, on ice instruction, and an off ice workout.

Camp Schedule

Group 1, 2009-2007 Group 2, 2006-2004

On Ice 1:50-2:50PM 3:00-4:00PM

Off Ice 3:10-4:00PM 4:20-5:10PM

Lunch 4:00-4:20PM 5:10-5:30PM

Lecture 4:20-4:50PM 5:30-6:00PM

On Ice 5:20-6:20PM 6:30-7:30PM

The daily schedule includes 2 hours on the ice, a challenging off ice workout, and a lecture specific to defenseman positioning.


The cost for the Camp is $495. I have intentionally priced this camp at a very competitive cost. You will not find a better value for the cost and product delivered, that is a guarantee.

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